LA talks with ROman

LA Knight Confronts Roman Reigns before Crown Jewel Match – 3rd November 2023

This week’s SmackDown begins with the LA Knight segment, where LA Knight confronts Roman Reigns about their match at WWE Crown Jewel. Read the rest of the article for the summary of this segment.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

Live in the arena, LA Knight’s music hits, and he comes out to a loud ovation from the crowd.

LA Knight Pose

The fans chant “LA Knight” as he tells them, “Let me talk to ya.” He says nearly 1200 days; that’s impressive. But what’s more impressive is how quickly 1200 days can end. He told Roman tried to spear him last week, but the Tribal Chief got hit with a BFT. And tomorrow at Crown Jewel, it goes no different. He says this is a hostile takeover. He says he is coming to take over everything Roman stands for, everything he thinks he has owned for the last three years. He says the title will be with him, and it will be the end of Roman’s reign.

Roman’s music hits, and out he comes with Paul Heyman. Both men stand in the ring, and the fans chant, “LA Knight.” Roman says that typically, he would tell this irrelevant town to acknowledge him, but they know who he is. But LA Knight doesn’t seem to understand, and he will introduce himself. Roman introduces himself as the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, and the face of WWE.

LA confronts Roman in the ring

Roman tells him a lot has changed. He takes his time to leave, and someone steps up, but it is LA Knight. He managed his time wisely, and LA Knight has everyone on his side; he gives him credit for that. Roman tells the crowd to chant LA Knight’s name because that is the last night this will happen. He says he pushed them forward; the kids call what he does cinema. Heyman calls Roman the star. Roman says he turned this business into a multi-billion dollar industry. He asks what LA Knight has done, and what he has done is cosplay a redneck version of his cousin. That’s done; this is his reality, his island of relevancy. Roman says he will end LA Knight, and they will leave him in the desert, but he won’t be the last one.

LA Knight tells Roman he must feel unbeatable. He beat everyone, but he is not coming at Roman from the same angle as everyone else. He is not here to finish something. He is here to start something, yeah. He is here to start the LA Knight era. He will cosplay as the guy who will kick his ass at Crown Jewel. He won’t cosplay; he will live.

LA says Yeaah to ROman

He tells Roman he made himself a megastar because of the title, as he lives as a mega star daily. He tells Roman if he does not put an end to him, he will come back and take the title from him. The only bloodline he will see will be the one-off his forehead as he hears “New WWE Champion, LA Knight.” WWE officials enter the ring and break up a confrontation between them as LA Knight’s music hits.

LA vs. Roman Crown Jewel