LA Knight addresses Roman Reigns

LA Knight and Roman Reigns contract signing for match at WWE Crown Jewel – 27th October 2023

This week’s SmackDown begins with LA Knight and Roman Reigns contract signing segment. Read the rest of the article for the summary of WWE championship match contract signing going to take place at WWE Crown Jewel.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

WWE SmackDown kicks off with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman walking down to the ring. 

Roman entrance

As Roman is on the ramp about to raise his Championship, LA Knight’s music hits.

LA Knight entrance

LA Knight walks past Roman without acknowledging him and gets into the ring. SmackDown GM Nick Aldis is standing in the ring with a table and chairs set up for the contract signing.

The fans chant “LA Knight” as Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman enter the ring. LA Knight sits at the head of the table with Heyman, asking him to stand up. Heyman tries to move the table, but LA Knight tells him, “Nah, nah.” He tells Roman to sign the deal and sign the title away.

Nick Aldis welcomes everyone to SmackDown. Roman has a seat as Aldis tells them this is the contract signing for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. LA Knight says they are looking at a contract that reads that Roman Reigns will hand over the WWE Championship to LA Knight. He signs the contract and tells Roman to sign it.

Heyman throws the pen away and takes a pen out of his jacket. The fans chant, “LA Knight.” Roman calls LA Knight an idiot. Roman says he must be stupid. Roman asks LA Knight if he ever had a contract signing. If he has ever had a Championship match before. Roman says he didn’t think so. And that means that LA Knight has no clue what he is doing right now. But not to worry because his Tribal Chief will go easy on him. Roman tries to sign the contract, but the pen doesn’t work. Heyman grabs another pen and gives it to Roman as he signs the contract. The fans chant, “Roman’s scared.”

LA Knight and Roman Reigns contract signing

Aldis grabs the contract, wishes them luck, and leaves the ring. LA Knight tells Roman that he is sitting at the head of the table and to acknowledge him. He wants to talk about his first contract signing and his first WWE Championship match. He says Roman is right. He tells Roman if he thinks he will underestimate him because it’s his first time around, he is already beaten. He says he is thinking about how, after only one year, he is sitting at the head of the table about to take Roman’s title. And by the time they get to Crown Jewel, Roman will think, “What just happened? He just walked out with my WWE Championship.”

LA Knight says this is his first time, but he only needs one time. And while Roman was busy failing, he has been out here telling everyone whose game this is because there can be only one WWE Champion, one him. It’s coming up real soon, and there is nothing Roman can do about it. That’s not an insult; that is a fact of life. He tells Roman he can’t stop this gravy train and is the man they call the megastar, with everyone saying “LA Knight.” Roman flips the table over LA Knight, and Roman stomps on LA Knight in the corner.

Roman throws table at LA Knight
Roman kicks LA Knight

Roman throws LA Knight shoulder-first into the ring post. Roman grabs a table from under the ring and throws it in the ring. Roman sets the table up in the ring and moves the chairs. 

Roman sets up table

LA Knight with right hand, and he stomps on Roman in the corner. 

LA Knight kicks Roman

Jimmy Uso runs into the ring, and he attacks LA Knight and begins to stomp on him. Roman leaves the ring, and Jimmy says he got him. Jimmy goes for a super kick, but LA Knight grabs and throws him through the table as LA Knight’s music hits.

LA Knight throws Jimmy on the table

We cut backstage to see Roman Reigns sitting down. Paul Heyman grabs a WWE Championship with the Green Bay Packers logo. Roman asks what that is, and Heyman says he will give that title to LA Knight because that’s the closest he and the Green Bay Packers will get close to a title.

Jimmy Uso walks in and jumps onto the couch. Roman asks what he is doing. Jimmy says he was with the trainer.

Roman and Jimmy Uso backstage

Roman asks him once more what he is doing. Jimmy says he ran the play; he called an audible. Roman says he ran the wrong play and has to get rid of LA Knight tonight. He tells Heyman to speak with Nick Aldis.