LA Knight says yeaah to Paul

LA Knight on the match with Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel – 20th October 2023

This week’s SmackDown starts with the LA Knight segment again. Sadly, Roman Reigns is absent. Read the rest of the article for LA Knight on the match with Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

Live in the arena, Paul Heyman is standing in the middle of the ring. He introduces himself and says he has some big shoes to fill this week. He asks if we saw what Jimmy Uso did on Raw. Heyman says Jimmy called the play and took the inspiration from the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. He cost Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Paul Heyman speaks

Heyman mentions how Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight at Crown Jewel. Heyman says that they are all fans of the LA Knight. The fans start the “Yeah” chant, and Heyman tells them not to do that as he is talking. Heyman says LA Knight will get smashed by the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion, the head of the table, the tribal chief, Roman Reigns.

LA Knight’s music hits, and he comes to a loud pop from the crowd. He tells Heyman he is not here to talk with him; he wants Roman’s ass out there right now. 

LA Knight grabs mike from Paul Heyman

He gets in Heyman’s face and asks what Roman will do to him. Heyman tells LA Knight that the fans are there to see LA Knight, not himself. LA Knight tells him to stay in the ring.

LA Knight says word on the street is that Heyman said the spear last week was a warning shot. He says he doesn’t do warning shots; if you want to take a shot at him, you better put him down for good. He will pull a Michael Meyers and get right back up, and he will not stop until he owns Roman Reigns and the Championship.

LA Knight looks at Paul

If Roman is scared, he tells Heyman to tell him he should be. He will take the WWE title off him as fast as he has risen. He tells him that when he speaks with Roman about the contract signing next week, he will make it clear whose game this is. The fans chant, “LA Knight, yeah.” LA Knight throws the microphone at Heyman and leaves the ring.