LA Knight with microphone

LA Knight Addresses Fastlane Match – WWE Smackdown 6th October 2023

Okay! Still one day to go for WWE Fastlane. The match that everyone is eagerly waiting for is LA Knight and John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. In this week’s Smackdown, LA Knight addresses Fastlane match.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

Live in the arena, LA Knight comes out to the ring to a loud pop from the crowd.

LA Knight enters
LA Knight pose

As LA Knight is about to begin speaking, out comes Jimmy Uso with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa.

Bloodline enters

Heyman says for decades, he has been able to spot who the next big thing will be. He says the next big mega star in this business will be LA Knight. He tells LA Knight that he is on a roll; he has all of the momentum in the world. He has earned Heyman’s respect and admiration. As Heyman is speaking, the fans chant, “LA Knight”. He tells LA Knight that now that he has earned his attention, the Bloodline will have to do something about it.

The fans boo as LA Knight asks him if he is done running his fat mouth yet. HE tells Heyman that he appreciates what Heyman told him, but he doesn’t buy his bullshit. As he is speaking, Jimmy Uso tells him to shut his mouth. He tells him that they have not been adequately introduced. And they are out here to tell his ugly face that he isn’t making it to Fastlane.

Jimmy Uso speaks

Jimmy tells Solo to get in the ring. As both men are on the ring apron, John Cena’s music hits, and he comes running down. Cena and LA Knight stand in the ring with the Bloodline on the ring apron.

John and LA Knight with Bloodline

The fans chant “Cena” as Heyman tells the Bloodline to get down from the ring apron. Jimmy and Solo walk down the ring steps as LA Knight tells them they were excited for a fight, but he gets it. They didn’t have permission from their chief to come out. He says he is considering tonight as he challenges Jimmy to a match. That way, he can learn whose game it is once and for all with everybody saying, “LA Knight… Yeah!”

LA Knight speaks

Jimmy agrees to the match as Heyman argues that he has to speak to Roman about it.