LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso ending

LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso – WWE Smackdown 6th October 2023

Match Result / Who won?: LA Knight, by disqualification. LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso match was called off as Solo Sikoa interfered with the match and the referee took action. Read the rest of the article for the match summary.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

First comes Jimmy Uso along with Paul Heyman. Then comes LA Knight with a huge pop from the crowd.

LA Knight entrance

The bell rings, and we are underway. LA Knight with a kick and a headlock.

LA Knight squeazes Jimmy Uso

LA Knight to the ropes, and he knocks Jimmy down with a shoulder tackle. A kick and a headlock by Jimmy as he runs to the ropes and knocks LA Knight down with a shoulder tackle.

Jimmy Uso head lock on LA Knight

A kick to the face by Jimmy as he runs toward LA Knight, but LA Knight hits him with a power slam. He goes for the cover, but Jimmy kicks out.

LA Knight pins Jimmy

LA Knight throws Jimmy to the ropes, but Jimmy with a kick. He goes for a super kick, but LA Knight moves out. LA Knight goes for the BFT, but Jimmy leaves the ring. LA Knight to the outside, and he throws Jimmy back into the ring. LA Knight gets in the ring, Jimmy hits him with a kick to the head, and LA Knight falls to the outside. Jimmy to the outside, and he hits LA Knight with a super kick.

Jimmy superkicks LA Knight

LA Knight with a bodyslam in the middle of the ring. He runs to the ropes and hits an elbow onto Jimmy. Solo gets in the ring and attacks Solo from behind as the referee calls for the bell.

Solo interrupts LA Knight

John Cena’s music hits as he runs down to the ring. He grabs Solo and throws him to the outside. Solo and Jimmy are outside as the fans chant “Cena.”

John Cena helps LA Knight

The Judgment Day’s music hits, and they walk down to the ring. The Judgment Day and the Bloodline are face to face at ringside. Heyman extends his hand and tells Rhea authorized as they shake hands.

Paul Heyman makes a deal with Rhea

LA Knight and John Cena stand in the ring as the fans chant “Cody.” The Bloodline and the Judgment Day get on the ring apron as “Uso” hits, and out comes Jey Uso.

Bloodline and Judgment Day ready for attack
LA Knight John Cena and Bloodline Judgment Day faceoff

He gets in the ring and stands alongside Cena and LA Knight. Cody’s music hits, and Cody runs down to the ring and stands alongside Cena, LA Knight, and Jey.

Jey and Cody Rhodes joins LA and Cena

Heyman tells Solo to step down as he walks down the ring steps, but a fight emerges. Jey, Cody, and Cena clean house. Cody hits a suicide dive onto the outside. Jey jumps over the top rope and lands on the Judgment Day. Cena stands in the ring, and in comes Solo as both men are face to face.

John Cena and Solo faceoff

The fans chant “Cena” and Cena with a right hand but Solo with a super kick. In comes LA Knight.

LA Knight and solo faceoff

Solo goes for the spike, but LA Knight ducks, and he clotheslines Solo to the outside. JD McDonagh gets in the ring, and LA Knight hits him with the BFT.

LA Knight BFTs JD

Jey hits him with the superkick, and Cena slams him onto the mat. Cena with the five knuckle shuffle.

John Cena you cant see me on JD

He hits JD McDonagh with the AA. Cody hits JD with the Cross Rhodes as all four men stand in the ring, and SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s all folks. Tomorrow let’s see what happens in tag match at WWE Fastlane.

LA Knight John Cena Fastlane match poster