LA Knight and Cena wins

LA Knight and John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Useo – WWE Fastlane 7th October 2023

Match Result / Who won?: LA Knight and John Cena by pinfall in LA Knight and John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Useo match at WWE Fastlane 2023. Read the rest of the article for the match summary.

Note: We are using the narrative of this segment from Wrestleview.

Cena comes out to huge applause. LA Knight comes out with just as big of a reaction.

 John Cena entrance
LA Knight entrance

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, along with Paul Heyman, make their entrance.

Bloodline entrance

Paul Heyman’s hair is entirely white. The commentary team says it’s from the stress of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ absence.

An incredibly LOUD “LA Knight” chant fires up. John Cena starts the match for his team. Jimmy Uso will start for The Bloodline. The crowd buzzes for Cena. They lock up, and Cena applies a side headlock. Jimmy whips him off, but Cena runs him over with a shoulder tackle.

Cena tackles Jimmy Uso

Jimmy goes to the ropes and speaks strategy with the white-haired Paul Heyman. Cena runs over Jimmy with another shoulder tackle. Jimmy gets to his feet, and Solo Sikoa sneers at his brother. Jimmy hooks a side headlock and shouts at the crowd. Cena backs Jimmy into the ropes and whips him off. Cena drops down and leapfrogs him before hitting another shoulder tackle. Cena looks at Solo Sikoa and motions for him to get in the ring.

Sikoa tags in. Cena squares off against The Enforcer of The Bloodline. Cena hits the ropes, but Sikoa absorbs a shoulder tackle.

Cena tackles Solo Sikoa

Cena tries again, but Sikoa absorbs it further. Cena charges, but Sikoa uppercuts him down.

Cena reaches to tag LA Knight

Sikoa stands over Cena before connecting with a head-butt. Jimmy tags in, and they hit Cena with a double-team wishbone split. Jimmy punches Cena down and dances around. Jimmy then floors Cena with an uppercut. Jimmy puts Cena on the ropes and chokes him. Sikoa gets a cheap shot in as the referee admonishes Jimmy. Sikoa is tagged in, and he takes Cena down with strikes. Sikoa puts Cena in the tree of woe. Cena tries to escape, but Sikoa hits him with a running head-butt. The Bloodline poses. Jimmy attacks Cena in the corner and goes for a running hip attack, but Cena moves. Cena crawls to his corner for a tag, but Jimmy cuts him off. Jimmy applies a side headlock. Cena fights and reaches for a title, but Jimmy pulls him back and takes him down. Sikoa tags in, and Cena is down in the corner. Sikoa charges and hits Cena in the face with a running hip attack! Sikoa celebrates big.

Solo hammers Cena

The crowd is chanting for the LA Knight. Cena slowly crawls to his corner, but Sikoa is in the way. Cena pulls himself up on Sikoa, so Sikoa head-butts him. Cena is rocked, but he responds with some strikes. Sikoa quickly takes the G.O.A.T. down with a spin kick. Jimmy tags in and dances around before mocking Knight. Jimmy grabs Cena, but Cena pops up and hits Jimmy with the Attitude Adjustment! Both men are down.

Cena AAs Jimmy Uso

Cena is slowly crawling over. Sikoa tags in runs in, and knocks Knight off the apron before Cena makes a tag. Sikoa drags Cena to his corner and punches him. Knight gets in the ring, but the referee holds him back. Sikoa pulls Cena to the corner and hits a cannonball on the chest. Sikoa pulls him back to the corner and hits another cannonball for a near fall. Sikoa grabs Cena’s arm and prevents him from making a tag. Sikoa head-butts Cena down. Jimmy is continuing to talk trash from the apron. Sikoa has Cena in the corner and goes for a cannonball, but Cena gets the knees up and essentially low blows Sikoa.

Cena lifts his knees up

At long last, LA Knight is tagged in. Knight and Jimmy are in the match. Knight hits a diving clothesline, followed by a side leg sweep. Jimmy reverses a whip, but Knight counters with a swinging neckbreaker.

Cena tags LA Knight
LA Knight back slams Jimmy Uso

Knight knocks Sikoa off the apron and stomps away at Jimmy, each stomp eliciting a “YEAH!” Knight hits Sikoa with a DDT as he gets in the ring.

LA Knight DDTs Solo Sikoa

Knight then turns into a superkick from Jimmy for a near fall. Knight avoids a Uso Splash and hits a power slam. Knight hits a big Elbow Drop.

LA Knight hits elbow on Jimmy

Knight grabs Sikoa as he gets in the ring, but Sikoa hits him with a Samoan Drop. Cena hits Sikao with a flying cross-body block. Jimmy then crushes Cena with a Uso Splash.

Cena cross body to Solo
Jimmy slams Cena

Everyone is down in the ring. Jimmy and Knight are first to their feet. Sikoa soon gets up. Knight fights them both off with punches and big jabs.

LA Knight puches Solo and Jimmy

Sikoa quickly whips Knight into Jimmy, who gives him a backbody drop over the top rope. Cena lifts Sikoa for an AA, but Jimmy superkicks him hard in the jaw.

Cena about to do AA on Solo

Jimmy goes to the top rope. Sikoa charges Knight as he gets in the ring, but Knight pulls the top rope down. Knight then leaps to the top rope and hits Jimmy with a superplex.

LA jumps top rope

Cena punches Sikoa off the apron and hits Jimmy with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena you cant see me

Knight hits Jimmy with Blunt Force Trauma for the win!

LA Knight BFTs Jimmy Uso
LA Knight pins Jimmy Uso

John Cena and LA Knight shake hands. Cena goes to raise Knight’s arm, but Knight pulls his arm away.

LA Knight ignores Cenas hand

Knight then raises Cena’s arm in victory.

LA Knight lifts Cenas hand

Paul Heyman does not look happy and is talking to Roman Reigns about what happened.