LA Knight standing in WWE ring

Miz vs Akira Tozawa – WWE Raw 21st August 2023

Match Result: Akira Tozawa wins via a pin fall.

I would like to say the rivalry between LA Knight and the Miz is awesome! Yeaah! These are two of the best heels in WWE right now. You know that Miz already made his appearance as a commentator of LA Knight vs Austin Theory match that happened last week.

So now, LA Knight appears on WWE Raw and makes himself as a commentator for Miz vs Akira Tozawa match. First Miz come out and calls out his opponent Akira Tozawa.

Miz vs Akira Tozawa intro

Then after chatting with Tozawa for a little bit he hits a cheap shot and the bell rings. Then all of a sudden enters LA Knight. Yeaaah!

Miz vs Akira Tozawa LA Knight

The match starts and LA Knight joins the ring side commentary. Miz confronts LA Knight in the middle of the match and these two exchange some words.

LA Knight and Miz ring side

Miz gets too caught up with LA Knight and Tozawa sneaks up on the Miz and steals a win. As Miz is still trying to convince the match referee, LA Knight comes from behind and hits a BFT on Miz.

LA Knight hits BFT on Miz WWE Raw
LA Knight destroys the Miz WWE Raw

LA knight smiles at the Miz as he lies wasted in the ring.

LA Knight laughs at Miz WWE Raw

LA Knight jumps out of the ring and stares back at the Miz while he was slowly leaving the ring. Yeaaah!

LA Knight gives a smirk to Miz WWE Raw
LA Knight smiles at Miz WWE Raw

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