LA Knights Sneaky Look

LA Knight and Miz Faceoff – WWE Smackdown 1st September 2023

Summary: Although there was no official match, Miz dominated LA Knight and Miz faceoff segment by giving a skull crushing finale to LA Knight.

So, the Miz impersonated LA Knight this past week on WWE RAW. This is why Miz is one of the best heels in WWE’s history.

Miz Impersonates LA Knight

In this week’s WWE Smackdown Miz came out and tried to bad mouth LA Knight for their match on WWE Payback on this Saturday.

Miz Talks about LA Knight

After a few minutes LA Knight music hits and he come out. As usual there was a huge pop for LA Knight.

LA Knight Enters

LA Knight walks fast to the ring while talking something about Miz (which we can’t hear). He slides on to the ring stands on the second rope and gives is signature pose.

LA Knight Signature Pose on Second Rope

LA Knight starts talking to Miz and tells how difficult it was for him to get this far and stand in the WWE ring and how easy it was for Miz to become a superstar. Miz bashes LA knight back.

LA Knight Confronts Miz
LA Knights Sneaky Look

As the Miz was leaving the ring LA Knight tries to hit a BFT. Miz escapes from LA Knight’s grasp and hits a skull crushing finale (Miz’s final move).

Miz Skull Crushing Finale at LA Knight

Miz grabs the microphone and says that LA Knight’s future will be like this and leaves the ring. LA Knight is frustrated gets off the ring quickly and hits the Miz. Meanwhile refs come and stops LA Knight while the Miz sneaks past and escapes.

LA Knight in Frustration After MIzs Attack
LA Knight Beats Up Miz

That’s all folks. I wonder what will happen in the LA Knight vs Miz match at WWE Payback. Most probably LA Knight wins the match. Yeaaah!

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