LA Knight Wins

LA Knight vs Miz – WWE Payback 2023

Match Result / Who won?: LA Knight wins by a pin fall against Miz in LA Knight vs Miz match at WWE Payback 2023. Read the rest of the article for the match summary.

Match Summary:

So, for today’s match between LA Knight and the Miz at WWE Payback 2023, John Cena anounces himeslf as the guest referee. Miz comes in and says that he doesn’t like John Cena being the guest referee.

Miz and Cena WWE Payback
Cena Guest Refree for LA Knight vs MIz

John Cena and Miz exchange words with each other and now enters LA Knight. Well the pop for LA Knight was not huge when to compared to his recent matches.

LA Knight Entrance for LA Knight vs Miz WWE Payback

LA Knight walks down the isle and slides on to the ring and gives his signature pose. He walks across the ring gets on to the ropes to give his signature pose again.

LA Knight Yeaaah!
LA Knight Signature Pose

The match begins and the brawl between LA Knight and Miz goes underway. Frankly speaking no one dominated the match. It was a well balanced match with both LA Knight and Miz showing their moves and ability.

LA Knight Beating Miz Payback
LA Knight Hits Miz Against a Table WWE Payback

Miz tries to pull a cheap win over LA Knight by rolling him up and holding the ropes. Lucky that John Cena sees it and kicks Miz’s hand away of the ropes.

Miz Cheats Against LA Knight
John Cena Kicks Mizs Hand

Miz gets angry with John Cena and impersonates his You Can’t See Me move. But LA Knight gets out of the way.

Miz Mocks John Cena You Can't See Me

LA Knight recovers and hist Miz with his own Elbow move. He follows it up with a BFT.

 LA Knights Hits Elbow on Miz
LA Knight Hits BFT on Miz

That’s it! LA Knight pins Miz and wins the match. John Cena raises the hand of LA Knight to announce him as the winner of the match.

LA Knight Pins Miz
LA Knight Wins

The crowd gives a huge pop for LA Knight. He gets on to the ropes and gives his victory pose.

LA Knight Victory Pose

As LA Knight is about to leave he confronts John Cena near the titanatron. John Cena takes of his referee t-shirt and gives a shake hand to LA Knight. So, I think it is Cena passing on the torch to LA Knight.

John Cena Shakes Hand with LA Knight
John Cena Passes the Torch to LA Knight

As John Cena leaves, LA Knight raises both his hands for the last time and slowly fades to backstage.

LA Knight Final Pose WWE Payback

That’s it guys! It was really great to see LA Knight defeat the Miz who is one of the veterans in WWE. Hope we can see LA Knight get his hands on the championship gold soon. Yeaaah!